Comfortable, Stylist Shoes

It's not easy to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. I am usually walking way too fast and not paying attention to where I'm going, which usually doesn't end well. At this point in my life, I've decided to stick with wearing flats on these wide feet and finding something that's stylish and affordable has been the impossible dream.

I never thought I'd be doing my shoe shopping on Amazon, but it's turned out to be the perfect place to buy shoes that fit and are interesting looking as well.

This fun, colorful pair of Socofy wedges were the first ones that I tried, and I couldn't be happier. I can't believe how many people (even people I don't know!) ask me where I bought them. They have lots of support, and even on days when I've been on my feet all day long they have been true comfort zones. You can buy your own pair of these beauties here.

Then I discovered these Labato leather loafers for $17! They are so comfortable and are so stylish I thought they wouldn't last long, but I was wrong. I love traveling in them, and they work wherever the road takes me.

I even got stuck in a snowstorm in Buffalo, NY and they came through that with flying colors! Speaking of colors, I love these so much I bought them in almost every color they offer, and it's extensive. You can buy these here, or on my Lifestylist Amazon page. Let me know what you think!

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