Building a Brand: Company, Culture and Creativity

So many times we are truly judged by the company that we keep, and by someone’s perception of who we are -even before we ever get to meet them. Having yours or your company's name associated with someone having a less than stellar reputation can make the difference of landing a dream client or never getting your foot in the door. There are lots of examples of companies doing it wrong - we all know about firms that had a change in corporate culture and it affected the entire branding experience.An example of a company doing it right is the Container Store.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to hear the founders speak about their corporate philosophy and I know from personal experience they don't just talk about it - they do it. I've visited and shopped at their store coast to coast and in every store I visited the experience was the same. I was greeted by team members who genuinely seemed happy to be there and they knew their stuff. I've never been told "that's not my department" - if they didn't know an answer they walked me to someone else who did. This is also a company who knows the value of a loyal and long time employee, and treats their team members with respect and equality. I have a good friend who has worked with them for quite a few years in the corporate office, and even when he is "off the clock" he's raving about their corporate culture, how they give back to the community and how there is no where else he'd rather work.This is also a company that understands branding and how important having the right product mix is. Having the right computer bag is critical to me - I travel constantly and don't go anywhere without my computer. I'm also on smaller commuter flights a lot and needed a bag that would fit in the overheads or underneath the seats on these planes. After looking for years Container Store came to the rescue with the perfect bag - a stylist black rolling one by Eagle Creek. After using it for 2 years it's still in perfect shape and I couldn't be happier with it.
Now that I'm getting ready for my international flights, I'm going to be heading over to my local store again so I can be an organized traveler. They also have a wonderful website that is very easy to navigate so if I can't find the time to shop in person I can order online.

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